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Essential Oils

Oils Used for Equines
Dealer in Young Living Essential Oils

As you can see by the caps on my bottles in the picture, my oils get used.  I use them in my equine bodywork and around the house.  When I get them in, most of them go right to work.

I can order Young Living Oils for you.  I usually place an order around the first of the month but if you need something sooner I don't mind ordering for you at other times.

Please go the the Contact Me area of the Home page or call me at 608-338-9996

The use of essential oils in the Health Maintenance Massage is an option and I offer oils during massage at no extra charge.. The main oils I use for your horse, during the health maintenance massage include:

  • Lemongrass

  • Peppermint

  • Wintergreen

  • Lavender

The Full Strength Essential Oils are cut to a therapeutic concentration with a carrier oil.  This is the safe way to use essential oils.

I also use other essential oil products and blends from various companies.

Soon to come:

Infused oils, which I infuse myself.  These are lower strength oils and do not require dilution in a compatible oil, rather they are a single oil or oil blend product.