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Equine Massage & Bodywork

Horses should be prepared for their massage by having a good grooming to remove dirt. 

Not a good idea to grind dirt into the skin.

If you can put a Back On Track mesh sheet or blanket on your horse, about 30 minutes before the massage, the muscles will be already loosening up before I start.  That is a plus for your horse! 

Even if you can't get it done 30 minutes before, Do it still.  It will help.


The horse must have cold muscles, at least 6 hours post workout.

Horses should wear a flat halter for their massage. 

Generally, it is best if someone can hold the horse during the massage but it is not necessary and some horses relax better if just tied.

Massage can take place anywhere that the horse is safe and comfortable, usually in their stall.  Massage can take place outside in the shade and out of the elements, in a quiet part of your aisle or in a grooming stall.

Really, anywhere that the horse is very comfortable and relaxed and not be disturbed by people and horses moving about.



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The MassagesThat I Deliver

The Health Maintenance Massage

The Health Maintenance massage is my own assemblage of a few different types of massage for equines.

Because I have attended 2 different massage schools and I also love to read and learn independently, I use my knowledge to design a massage that is perfect for your horse.

Every massage is custom tailored  for each horse.

I use elements of Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Sports Massage in my Equine Health Maintenance Massage.  I tailor each massage to be customized for the horse.

The health maintenance massage is to be performed on cold muscles, at least 6 hours post-exercise.

The massage itself warms the muscles.

After this massage, it is best to exercise the horse in long, reachy type exercise that will stretch the muscles out.  The Sports massage element of my massage prepares the muscles to stretch and the most benefit will be realized by long stretchy motions.

Sometimes I might stretch specific muscles of the horse.  I do not advise  owners to stretch their own horses unless they have received training in stretching a horse.  Stretching can injure a horse and/or the human doing the stretching.  If you must stretch, please do not do it on cold muscles.

Pricing for the Health Maintenance Massage is $65.00 for the massage which lasts approximately 1 hour.

Essential oils and aroma therapy are complimentary and optional.