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Spot On Equine Bodywork

Cross Plains, Wisconsin
Servicing South Central Wisconsin
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About Spot On Equine Bodywork

My philosophy in equine bodywork is to be an additional partner

in helping a horse heal and reach its full potential.  

I believe in the healing effectiveness of touch. 

I also believe that prevention is many times better than a cure.

My first offering of Equine Bodywork was the Health Maintenance Massage.

This massage is my mainstay and I believe it should be offered to the horse, often.

Fascia, is an exciting area which is gaining much attention on the health and wellness scene.

I offer myofascial release and the results we are seeing are profound. 

The kinesiology taping which I do;

adds to the healing process, supports the horse or treats the meridians

Physical    Emotional     Spiritual

There are mechanical/electronic means to apply therapy and they have their place.

I strive to continuously learn and add hands-on therapies to my toolbox.

That being said...

I am interested in certain technologically advanced  therapies.

I may add those when I can see that those therapies can compliment or surpass what I can do without.

You may get In touch with me by using the "Get In Touch Today" section,

towards the bottom of this page.

You can phone me, email or text me.  I'm flexible like that!



A horse is not a piece of sports equipment, but our partner.

All of our actions should be to develop,

what the English so brilliantly call, "horsemanship".

  Hans Gunter Winkler

My Qualifications

Licensed Veterinary Technician,

Accredited Equine Massage Therapist

Accredited John Barnes Method, Equine Myofascial Release

Accredited Equine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner


Serving South Central Wisconsin

I accept

Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card Accepted

Kinesiology Taping

Accredited by Holistic Animal Studies/Angels Animals
Kinesiology Taping since 2018

Equine Massage

Accredited by Anam Cara School and Therassage.

Health Maintenance Massage since 2004

Myofascial Release

Level 2 Practitioner in John Barnes Method

There is just 2 levels, so I'm it.

A word (or 2) about Trip Charges

If your horse is within Dane County, there is no trip charge.

Outside Dane County there is a trip charge which can be shared between horse owners at the same barn.

The trip charge amount will be a flat rate and I will let you know what it will be, before I travel there.

​Text or call    608-338-9996

Dealer in

Back On Track Products

Therapeutic Garments and More
For Horses, People and Pets

Equine Kinesiology Tape

Tape Brands I sell
Equitape, Vetkin and Rock Tape

Essential Oils

Dealer in Young Living Essential Oils.
Other oil products also available

Get In Touch Today

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First Time Massage

I'd really like for you to take the plunge and get your horse a massage. 
As an incentive to give it a try, I offer $5.00 off for any horse receiving his/her first massage from me.
I am sure you will notice the difference in your horse's; health, athleticism, healing, attitude, spiritually, and emotionally

Loyalty Club Card

Keep the Goodness going. 

Massage well and massage often. 

Ask me for a loyalty card.  After 5 massages you will get a free massage. 

Referral Cards

There's no advertising better than word of mouth!
Ask me for one of my referral cards. 
You can even have more than one. 
Fill out the card and give the card to a friend. 
When your friend has me out to massage their horse, they give me the card.
Your friend gets $5.00 more off first time massage rate (total of $10. off) and you get $15.00 off your horse's next equine massage. 

But I have to receive the card back.

Be Gentle,

Success Takes Time

“Your Heart Knows Things;

Your Mind Can Not Explain”